Who are the people behind Sanlo Salabat?

Our company exists because...

We want to make a contribution to our country and our people by way of continually searching, branding, and marketing products which are of local origins. These products must be great of value to the consumers and are of excellent qualities.

Our customers are the general consumers. They must be happy with our products. The store to which we sell our products are our customers too. They must be satisfied with our service. Our distributors are our logistics partners. They must be inspired to make our products available in the market. 

We value our good relationship with all our customers and recognize that their satisfaction largely depends on the people who work with us, with our strategic partners, and the communities where we operate. We value passion, hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm. We believe that it's fun to do things and get things done.

We believe in the importance of teaching the people around us in helping them and taking care of them. 

We believe that taking care of our environment is essential in sustaining our business our business and keep our advocacy going. Above all, everything we do, we dedicate to the Almighty God who is our guide and inspiration in doing our business. 

Why We Do Business?

Prominex Ventures Inc., the company behind Sanlo Salabat, is an enterprise that helps a rural cooperative composed mainly of women and farmers.
We source our organically grown ginger from them which they harvest and cook using best manufacturing practices to produce our healthy and best tasting ginger tea , Sanlo Salabat.

Since, 2009 when Prominex Ventures started doing business with them, their membership has grown from 30 persons to 500 plus persons indicating that more and more people are given livelihood and income opportunities to address rural poverty.

With the help of Sanlo’s customers and partners, Prominex Ventures hopes to continuously carry on its advocacy in alleviating rural poverty through livelihood development and environment friendly practices.

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